About Me

My name is Prabhu and I'm a blogger. I am trying to make a place for me in blogging society for living. 

I'm also an body builder and yogi - but more of that shortly.

From Hobby to Profession

Back in 2019 completed my degree, At that time I was not known that I will become blogger one day. I thought I need place where I can express my feelings and thoughts, Hence landed up in blogging. I have started the blog as a fresher, and I am working on it.

I am very found of people who work hard, but bringing it to our life is not easy. Yes, I'm a lazy guy who things to bring up structured life. I like to watch the lot of movies, but the less reading. 

In this website, you can encounter a lot of movie reviews. As a say, Time is Gold, Hence review a movie before you watch for 2+ Hours

I require lot of a support from you all to bring up Infopedias. You can feel free to comment, share your thoughts with me. Kindly treat me as your friend.


Gadera (2022-History/Thriller)

Gadera is an Indian drama/thriller film which is written, directed & produced by Yogesh Vats. Release date 11 February ...