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Thursday, October 8, 2020

What is the use of smartphone and what we do....

 smartphones are like world for us, now a days there is no one who is without smartphone. Even children's are curious about it and not interested in old models. What is happening with this smartphones, well good technology which is connecting the world. To be frank we have several advantages and disadvantages using this smartphones. What are they...

Absolutely we are in a running world, each of us don't have time to look into each thing carefully not even our children's. What are they doing with their smartphone, no one knows. We are not spending time for that, but that is essential in our life. We have forgotten what is essential and what is not essential. need people to remember that first. We are all rushing in the daily work, spending most of the work for someone not for our beloved once. This is were the system changes, we are running behind money but loosing peace. How much you earn if you don't have peace no use of it. 

Life is useless without 

  • happiness
  • loved once 
  • Peace
we don't care about it, what's going to happen with this? how this is related to smart phones?
There is a relation. In todays world who is making crime is people under 25 age only. Why what makes them to do, one side is money but what connects them is smartphones. 

So for making a better atmosphere around us and for making a bright future, let's make use of smartphones very effectively and sitting with that always, by totally wasting our time.

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