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Saturday, October 3, 2020

Corona VS Festival

        Corona is a virus which is spreading all over the world and we can see that people are dyeing in a high count everyday, even after these there is no awareness between the people. It's like a teacher forces a student to do something, it is accepted in school because they are children's but in society, people need to understand the fact. These fact is hard to accept that we need to follow certain things which we haven't followed these years. 

The thing is increase in technology made us lazy, okay that topic we will discuss in another post. Here we are keeping our lives in critical position, that we are also ready to accept the death. No medicine or vaccine is discovered for this virus, it's not proven that all the people can withstand the corona. Even after hearing all these how a person can be careless, this shows how concern he is towards his life.

What makes him to be careless and making him the to roam around in this pandemic situation. I am not getting a point here. Recently i came to know a person, that after the break of the E-pass, he has grabbed his bike from Chennai to Kanyakumari to see the sunrise. He say's that after seeing sunrise he is feeling so relief in stress. What kind of mentality is this, what people are thinking about their future and life.

Yesterday i went out to get some things to home, where i can see people crowd for Diwali festival. I was so shocked to see parents bringing their small kids as well to purchase this is so horrible. 

Even government is not taking any necessary action on this and they have removed most of the barriers towards the corona. Is this the correct thing at least people should have the concern else government should control them, here both of them are careless. Who is the responsible person for this? is it government or a people? 

Don't understand about this lockdown as well as the necessary action taken for this as well. The very sad thing is the people who is suffering from food because of this pandemic situation, how they are taking care of them and their need? 

People who have try giving something to them and make their life litter brighter....

we haven't brought anything to this world and we are not going to carry anything, then why these many segregation among us. Think, you are not going to spend money for that.

Kindly provide your comments..... 

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