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Sunday, September 27, 2020

Who is fine Actress or Fan's

 What we are actually expecting from heroines, just think about this. Now a days what they giving over the movies, there are certain heroines who is performing good acting and performance. But when we are seeing all over the content which they are providing over the movies is very bad.

You can think, what is bad?

About heroines, we can omit their personal life's, when we see picture in screen, what i see is girl with less clothes and showing more romance. 

I mean to say,

  • more bed scenes
  • kiss scenes
  • romance
  • less dress acting
It is been captured that if she is a heroine, then these all are necessary. But we are in a society having many youngsters, this is affecting their life and their growth. People are becoming made on actress, fan page, fan club. what all are these. We should think outside the circle.

What is happening now a days, actress are posing nude in movies and posting the same in social medias, this will impact the upcoming generation no one to care about that. Recent Sensex shows that the young peoples are involved in robberies, their life is getting spoiled. But what we want is to make our life good and make ourselves good not to worry about anything happening around me, that's what our mentality is. 

We all don't understand one thing cinema is also a profession, the person who is acting over there are also humans like us and because of our encouragement only we are they are earning a lot. they are becoming milliners and what is for us in that. Is your family is taken care or is that satisfying's your stomach. Nothing is going to happen. Start thinking about it and start developing yourself, stop following actress and actors. If you like a actor go to theatre and watch the movie and that also just for our entertainment not because of the actor and actress. 

If you think about this and came out then you can live your life....

Life is only once buddy, don't waste it.

We all have one habit, worrying about thing, after happening. Lets come out of that.

Prevention is better than cure....

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