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Thursday, September 24, 2020

What is Wrong, Water or Human............!

         Water is the basis necessity for people, without water human can't live. In our earth 80% is of water only, then why we are facing water scarcity. And moreover why do we pay for drinking water, we doesn't know. As i checked most of the people don't know, some are telling water scarcity and some tell they are paying for tasty water and healthy content water.

I don't understand, is natural is not healthy. may be god can answer this.

let's rewind the time, how was it at the initial stages,

Stage 1:

I have studied that earlier days, if someone need water they can dig the land and they will drink. This is unbelievable only but we need to believe it.

Stage 2:

People use to take water from pond's. these were water reservoirs. Anyone can drink water no restrictions. No one can say this is my water.

Stage 3: 

Each group or each person can dig a well for his own or for the locality and they used that for drinking and their own needs.

Stage 4:

water pump came into picture, for each street they had water pump and they will use it. After the introduction of the next level this expired.

Stage 5: 

Borewell, came into the picture. Each and every home started borewell system. That was more sophisticated since if they open the tap they will get the water. Still now we use this borewell.

Stage 6: 

Water Purifier, Are we getting impure water under the land. Again god please answer.

Many companies are there selling water purifier, this water purifier what it is doing is reducing the salt content but it is quite costly. you need to change the carriage in a routine depending upon the amount of water used. 

In my home we also puchased a water purifier, initialy they told a price then service chanrge for each time, catridge charge, asking us to add additional purifier also for betterment.

used only for 1 1/2 years, after that we kept it aside and started using bore water.

Even Government is not taking care of water. They started sell the purified water but it is also costly, why is that government can give that for 1Rs. Moreover the purified water is not that much good for health as well, i am not saying this research has identified this.

The purifier removes some good content in the water as well, which is again causing some medical problem to human. We are trying to overcome nature but that is impossible.

Fact's are fact we need to believe it.

When are we going to realize this i don't know, i will leave it to you it self.

Now tell me what is wrong water or human...….

Kindly provide your comments.....!

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