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Saturday, September 26, 2020

Vijay and Respect

 On this post i like to share my thoughts about the Actor Vijay, you know if a people starts earn some money they think they are the god and people below them are not a matter and all for them. But there are some people who is very humble even after reaching higher position.

Don't think that i am a fan of Vijay, I am not that much found of any actor. This is to just express one man's humbleness. A person who is earning in crores, will have this much humbleness.

Okay let me come to the point, Actor vijay went to the SPB funeral and in that place he was occupied with actor vijay's fan. one of the fan's slipper was slipped down in crowd and vijay took it in his hand and gave it to him.

Why i am saying this is, i have seen people not even lifting their parents slippers but here what he has done is really appreciable for his position.

The moral what we need to know is try to respect others, Then only your standard will increase.

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