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Saturday, September 26, 2020

Temple is to pray or for Business.....?

 Temples are producing more amount of money these days. People visiting temples are very high and they are providing so much amount of donation. 

  1. Are these temples belongs to government
  2. what are these people doing with these money
  3. who is monitoring these money

Like this there are many questions, who is answerable to these?

Okay let that be as side, next is the fare that they collect for, why are they collecting these fare at high rate.

I remember that they started collecting fares to make the some people to have a darisanam fast i.e. some important VIP. But on days it has been common. people also started following this as a routine. But no one questioned not even government. why is this keep on increasing. 

Specially Meenakshi Amman Temple, which i have observed. All over the world people are coming to visit and they are being charged a lot.

Third thing is the Priest, these people get the amount first, what is this kind of behavior, is no one there to question this. Where this is going to end. 

I think with these money as well people can do some good things Because these are common people money who is suffering for food. Yes, still people are starving for food. I don't know why government has lead them to these stages.

Have you guys have ever heard, In Kings rule, he is the responsible for each and every people in the kingdom. Now we don't have king ruling things and all then who is responsible for this.

The biggest achievement i think India can do is to destroy death because of food. I think we all are running in wrong direction, we are thinking

  • there should not be any loan on India
  • India should be a developed country
  • Exports should be high
All these are not worthy unless we accept that in our country no one dies or starves for food. we can create a paradise in earth but no one does that. I keep seeing people saying that if we do good things we can go to paradise, what is paradise is having to make us happy.

First we should try to make our living space as paradise. When i am seeing this, I think like why can't we have this kingdom rule it self again. even one king is not good another one will be good, now whom to believe, I don't know.
We all have one business,  need to work for our stomach and our beloved stomach. In that mean time kindly think about this as well.

Kindly Provide your comments............

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