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Friday, September 18, 2020

What is life and what we live...let's check

        Life is actually a tricky race where each person has a different rules and strategy. Some changes their rules and some live the entire life in their own way. we can live life in many ways, the way that will make our life happy. Future is a big question mark for each and every one not dependent on rich and poor. Life has several stages in it, we are forced to pass each and every stages there is no going back. This life is like a thread mil we can only run forward we can't run behind and we can't pause. If you do so then you will loose or die. Not most of the people in the world are successors, because they agreed the truth that life is not a easy game.

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”

Most of us don't believe that life is not easy as we think. we just want to live a life mostly with 3 capabilities.

They are: 

  • Eating
  • Sleeping 
  • preferring to be in a happy state
But most of don't know what is life and how we should lead a life.

What is Life?

Yes, life is a tricky race but if you see in different angle it is a opportunity to prove your self.. Proving our-self is off two categories

  1. Achieving greater heights in a field and make a mark in history
  2. Leading a peaceful life making our-self and our surroundings satisfied

Achieving greater heights in a field and make a mark in history

    There are people who make their name as a mark in the history, their names will long last for 100 to 1000 of years. But they have sacrificed a lot to achieve that place, they were ready to sacrifice any thing what they have in their life, Because of that as well as their strong hard-work they have achieved heights. 

    When you check their past we can see many up's and down's, they have crossed that because of strong will power and massive focus. most of us lack on that. Most of their personal life would be a failure only, there comes the drawback.
    A person who has a focus on achieving won't have a grip on personal life. you can check with many achieved peoples as example.

Leading a peaceful life making our-self and our surroundings satisfied

    Peaceful life comes when we make our surrounded people happy. The person who has lived in this state knows that it is drug. You will be much addicted to it. In our history most of the people lived in this way only, we have customized into our own flexibility. Make people happy is not a easy thing, you can make a person happy for a minutes not for the entire life. 

    To make it simple make others happy your life will be happy and peaceful mode.

    we spend most of the time in social media's, that's good only but we forget our surrounding people. It's not that you need to give them a gift or a high priced product, you can make your presence with them stating that "everything is going to be fine". To be frank there is no one to say this word only, other than this we have hundreds of friends globally to enjoy and party. Only our beloved once will ask about our health and perspectives. You can't compare these people with the money and property you have.

To be frank these guys are antique now.

At-last, life is a one time run. you can only run but we can run in a meaning full way. you can prefer either of one category. There is one more category as well but living in that way is nothing but "clay over the clay" only. We will live to achieve or to live peaceful not occupying a waste space. I wish everybody in the world to make a prosperous life and making a library of records.

We will see in the next post, Thanks for your patience and your precious time over the life. Kindly provide your comments and feedback which is very precious for me.

See you soon with the next post...........

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