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Thursday, October 1, 2020

Government VS Trains in India

 TRAINS, which we all are using daily for travelling one place to another. But is it having sufficient space. to be frank, NO. When i was a kid, i loved train. I forcefully made my parents to travel in train even after boarding a bus. Train is comfortable, having attached toilet as well. we can eat snacks now and there. But we don't get this comfort in bus. The main fact of train is FARE, very less when compared with bus. 

All are there but is the compartment is enough for people travelling over it? 

To be frank NO. Then what is the central government is doing, without taking care of this. At least they can take a survey and figure it out which will have high boarding, with that they can add additional compartment which will help huge number of people who is travelling. I hope gents can adjust and sit in any situation but what about ladies, will they be able adjust in crowds and etc. Why government is not thinking about all of these.

Most of the poor people travelling vehicle is train only, in that case why that can't be customized according to people strength. In India only 20% of people are wealthier remaining 80% are poor people only. Why government is not understanding that.

If they add some additional compartment to the existing highly used trains, it will be very much helpful to enormous amount of people.

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