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Saturday, September 19, 2020

Are we aware about the prize rate and atmosphere, need to check this!

        We should accept that things around us is not running properly and making us to believe that these are real only. Imagining what i am going to talk about... Well i am speaking about the world we are in. 

        Recently I started absorbing closely that the price tags and theory what is happening around us, when i checked most of them were not having awareness, if a person is having awareness as well he is worried about these things. Starting from the normal Chocolate rate each factory owner has his own fixed price tag but the normal fruits, vegetables, Rice don't have the fixed price each and every district has a different rate and no body has asked it.

        Okay, if we think only eatable items only like this. Most of the people do this, recharging their phone. This is also having many suspicious things, some years before JIO comes the cost of 1 GB was more than 100rs, now 1.5 GB/day for 28 days itself is 149rs only. This is nice, i am actually more happy about this because after this only many social medias were active and many information were passed easily and youngsters were aware about surroundings. But my gretest question is what was the fact before JIO comes, How suddenly that all providers were able to provide at the same rate.

                                                                    Was us all cheated.

        Don't know exactly what was the state, because even now BSNL 1 GB is costly only. Don't know why again. was no one noticed this. 

        Okay leave internet, after hearing all these things, i thought of going to temple, even there they are asking from 100rs for entry. Why is that rate, is government asking the temple to raise the rate.
obviously we need to provide some amount to priest because he will have a angry look over us if not.
I have a big question, what is happening to this temple collections, what are they doing with that. why they collect this much high amount of charges. Even in free time the visitors are not allowed to go near and view the god. This is very brutal in collecting money for praying to the GOD.

       We are completely have a lack of awareness, because of this only we are facing several crises. We it self decide that we are in a running world and we don't have to notice these. Why temple prasadam are priced, what is the purpose of that. At least if they would have served food for free i would have satisfied.

        Not only this, many things which we receive is having a dark stories behind.

        Biggest thing is, we are buying water for price. This is something we should laugh, we are telling that this is modern world but we are loosing ourselves. I don't think so this is a public administration. 

        I thought the media will bring all these things in highlight, but the real fact is we are watching only these kind of news only,
  • Actor was having roaming outside during a lockdown, 
  • Actress has signed a new movie,
  • Actress has posted the latest photoshoot 
  • two dogs fights on the streets
  • We are providing more offers.
Do we need all these things, All actors and actress are also human being only. they will also come outside and go on their own way. you are making things viral like any white crow flying in the sky.

After thinking about these things, I was so angry. Later i saw my own face in mirror and laughed because i am also one among the crowd only right...…😞😞😞

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