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Thursday, September 24, 2020

Corona VS IPL

                 Now we are in 2020, which in a pandemic situation which is very very scary. faced many lockdowns and many rules. This is been a normal now if a person has  a corona then he is not getting fear, like a normal fever he is ready to go hospital. What kind of situation we have developed, this is very ridiculous. Most of us know that what we are doing is wrong but we don't stop doing it, because we are not worried about anything and most of us think about that only after affecting. This is the time where we need to be organized. we are humans not animals, even now a days animals are organized. 

Many people because of this suffering from money, food, shelter. these three are the basic necessity need. We lost our humanity and started following our own needs and strategy. 

More over what we need in this time is very good atmosphere and need to save millions of people. But we are very interested in much more things. what is that.... IPL. 

Cricket is good, very good game. we should encourage it. But in this pandemic situation do we need this really. Need to think....Everybody....

Most of us know that it is a game where betting is happening, but even then we are not understanding the fact. we are made fools, why that game is alone popular when compared to other.

No one will let the truth out, but we should be knowing this. we should not encourage these kind of things.

See Wider....Think Wider.....

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