An IP address (Internet Protocol), is a unique and unrepeatable address that identifies logically and hierarchically any device that uses the IP protocol connected to a communications protocol through the network. It is composed of a set of four numbers ranging from zero to ten fifty-five where the only thing that separates it is a point.

In short, the IP address is the identification of each electronic device that is connected to the network, and makes it possible for the devices to connect with each other without any problem. Without an IP address your order will not know what it is looking for when browsing the network, that is, when you enter a website from a browser, the request to load that page is sent to the DNS servers that are responsible for find the host name to find its corresponding IP address. The IP address can change constantly for the reason of the network or because the device in charge within the network assigning the IP addresses decides to assign another IP to your device.

Many people make the mistake of confusing the IP address with the MAC address, when these two are very different. The MAC address is a unique identifier assigned by the manufacturer to a 48 bit piece represented by hexadecimal digits to identify the network card and other devices, where it does not depend on the connection protocol using the network. For users it is easier to remember a domain name than the numbers of the IP address, then the DNS domain servers, “translate” the domain name into an IP address.

This address can be static or dynamic. The first one helps us to establish permanent connection so that they can be located in the network, that is, a web page needs a fixed static address so that all its visitors can locate it easily without having to abandon it simply.

because find it If the IP of a website changed at every moment it would be almost impossible to locate it and to do it would take a long time to do so. While the dynamic direction unlike the first the identification changes periodically, thus making the tracking of it a bit more difficult, usually this type of IP is used by users since it can change when restarting the Reuter.

There are two types of IP addresses, which are Public IPs and Private IPs, where each of them has a totally different purpose.

Public IP: is that address that is generated automatically and is visible from the Internet, it never changes, thus achieving that your device or computer is always identified.

Private IP: this type of address is assigned manually and belongs to a private network. One of its many functions is to identify a machine with this type of address, although it can be repeated in other private systems.

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