It is known as MAC address its acronyms are (Media Access Control), also known as physical address is an identifier of 48 bits represented by hexadecimal digits that correspond in a unique way that each manufacturer assigns to the card or network device, the configuration of it is composed in two parts, as I mentioned, the manufacturer places the first 24 bits and the last 24 bits by the IEEE. Not all communication protocols use MAC addresses, although all protocols need unique identifiers. MAC addresses can be used by a network administrator to allow or deny access of certain devices to a network.

The MAC address is associated with the hardware of a network equipment. The MAC is formed by 48 bits in hexadecimal form, grouped in 12 pairs of characters and each character is formed by four binary numbers, and usually they are separated by two points. Each device must have a unique MAC address, that is, it varies depending on the device, it can not be the same. This is what allows the transmissions of data between a computer and the network, this is because each computer contains a MAC address in order to be accurately identified.

A MAC address is the unique identifier assigned by the manufacturer to a piece of network hardware (such as a wireless card or an Ethernet card). “MAC” means Media Access Control, and each code is intended to be unique to a particular device. A MAC address consists of six groups of two characters, each separated by two points.

Many people make the mistake of confusing the IP address with the MAC address, when these two are very different. The MAC address is a unique identifier assigned by the manufacturer to a 48-bit piece represented by hexadecimal digits to identify the network card and other devices, where it does not depend on the connection protocol used by the network.

While the IP address (Internet Protocol) is nothing more than a unique and unrepeatable address that identifies logically and hierarchically any device that uses the IP protocol connected to a communications protocol through the network. It consists of a set of four numbers ranging from zero to ten fifty-five, where the only thing that separates it is a point.

It is usually stored in the ROM (read only memory) of the hardware, or in some other firmware devices. It is very clear that the MAC address is only a unique identifier for all network devices, which makes it possible to make any type of connection through it, some computers that use a MAC are: Computers, routers, mobile phones, tablets, printers, among others.

All these electronic devices have their own MAC address. The most commonly used means of access control methods are the Token Ring and the CSMA / CD, the latter being the most commonly used in internet networks. When you want to access a web page on the Internet you need the IP address of the server where it is stored, but, as a rule, the user only knows the name of the domain.

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