It is known as Drivers or Controller to the program whose objective is to interact the Operating System with the ordered devices (hardware), such as: graphic card, sound card, printer, scanner among others. The drivers are used so that the Operating System recognizes and allows working with the different devices found on our PC.

Each driver designed for an operating system and a specific device, that is, any driver you find out there does not mean that it is what your computer needs to achieve its proper functioning. Technically a Driver is a software composed of computer codes and instructions developed to fulfill a task. Without drivers, the hardware that connects to the computer will not work, since the PC will not detect it for continuous use. Some operating systems automatically detect the devices and download and install a driver, although few computers do this.

It has happened to me hundreds of times that when reinstalling the Operating System from scratch my PC loses the Drivers of many devices, be they network, sound or video. Here we can see the importance of the Drivers for our computers because as mentioned above it plays a very important task, when a PC loses any of its drivers it means that the device is practically disabled, we can not use it, just like when we connect a peripheral new to the PC, the normal thing is that we install the drivers you need unless you have installed it previously.

In summary, a driver is a computer program that allows the operating system to interact with a peripheral device, making an abstraction of the hardware and providing an interface (possibly standardized) to use the device.

A driver or device driver for computers with Windows operating system, is a program whose purpose is to relate the operating system with hardware devices (graphics card, sound card, modem, TV card, wifi, mp3 player, etc.) and peripherals (printer, scanner, camera, video camera, etc) of our team.

It is important to update the drivers every time there is a version available as they are improvements added to it. When installing the drivers of any driver it is important to look for the series of your PC, the bits of the operating system.

And back qualities that are of utmost importance because if you think that when installing any driver your PC will recognize the peripheral wrong, in some cases this process is a bit tedious to be looking for this drivers but you can choose programs that do the work for you, which tell you everything your PC needs from the updates to the drivers that you need, offering you the ease of simply giving it to download and then install.

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