A bus or a data highway is a series of wires or electrical conductors in metal tracks that is responsible for transporting data between the components of the computer, sorts the information that is sent from different units and peripherals to the processor, acting as Priority regulator. A data bus is one on a printed circuit, the data can be transferred in parallel and in series.

The transfer of data in parallel allows several bits to be transferred simultaneously, while in series it is only possible to transfer the data bit by bit, that is, one by one. The main objective of the data bus is to reduce as much as possible the number of communication routes between the different devices that make up the computer.

The bus is a series of cables that work by loading data in the memory to transport them to the Central Processing Unit or CPU, that is, a data bus is a highway or channel of information transmission inside the computer that communicates to the components of said system with the microprocessor.

A bus performs the traffic light function because it regulates the priorities and orders the information, it is found on the motherboardA bus is characterized by the amount of information that is transmitted simultaneously, while the volume of data traveling through these conductors is known as Bit, as I mentioned earlier the bus allows the connection between different elements that make up the ordered making possible that all requests made by the user are captured and executed perfectly.

Its purpose is to reduce the number of routes necessary for communication between the different components. A 32-wire flat cable logically allows the transmission of 32 bits in parallel only or more, the speed at which the data travels or Bit on the bus is measured in Hertz.

In summary, a bus is nothing more than the communication and data transfer path used by the components that make up the computer. It is basically formed by three types of buses, which are: data bus, address bus and control bus. The Data as its name indicates is responsible for transmitting the data, the control is responsible for conducting the IRQ signals and the address is responsible for carrying the data to its origin or destination.

In the data bus all the nodes receive the data, although they are not directed for all, then the nodes to which the data is not directed, what they do is ignore the information. A node is a point of intersection, connection or union of several elements that converge in the same place.

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